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Crypto education is our passion, and that’s why we offer so much of this information freely on, in our Facebook group, and in our Telegram. For those who are serious about a crypto education, and who want access to exclusive webinars, course material, interviews, crypto AMAs, and live ICO research, we offer the Guru Academy. For more information, including pricing, testimonials, and available course material, click the link below or use the chat feature to ask us personally.

In-Depth Webinars

Enjoy in-depth webinar workshops where a topic is picked by the platform members and a mini class is conducted. During the workshop you will be able to ask questions and have them answered live. Recordings will be available for those of you that miss the live webinar.

Member's Only Discord

You'll get a private invite to our exclusive member's only Discord server where you can discuss Cryptocurrencies and talk about live trades in our trading room with encrypted voice and text chat.

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