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First Things First

With the grandiose titles out of the way, let’s get down to it – My name is Brock Butler, and I am 24 years old. In addition to being an investor in crypto, I am a musician, freelance writer, and waiter. I have no lambo, no yacht, and no helicopter – at least not yet. I have never cashed in on my investments, because I believe in the future of these markets and these technologies, and I’ll be damned if I’m working 50 hours a week at age 40, hoping to retire in the next 10-15 years.

That’s not what I want and that’s not what I want for anyone else – that’s why about a year ago I began my investment journey, which has since turned into an educational journey. This article will serve to summarize what I’ve done, how I did it, and how you can do the same thing right now, while the market is down and the biggest possible gains are yours for the taking.

The Beginning of My Journey

I first learned about Bitcoin in 2011, while living in Austin, Texas. Back then, there was a Darknet Market called the Silk Road where people bought illicit substances using Bitcoin and having them mailed to their home. At the time I gave it little thought, but several years later I once again heard about Bitcoin from an admittedly nerdy acquaintance who urged me to buy some and explained why it was the future of finance and personal transactions. I bought one bitcoin for around $200 and completely forgot about it.

The next time I heard about crypto was in 2016, when it was all over the news because of the startling number of successful investors. I tried desperately to recover my single Bitcoin from before, but alas, I couldn’t remember where I stored it, let alone the passwords I had used. Lesson learned. Now, to compare this moment in time to my last article, this would have been my opportunity to be a Jack: buying the peak and losing my money when the market corrected, but instead – I did nothing. I waited. In the following months I began reading up on what Bitcoin was, how cryptocurrency worked, how stock markets in general worked – I was hungry for information, and yes, also financial gain. I found Reddit to be an incredible resource, and used it to learn as much about crypto as possible. I kept up with new ICO’s, or initial coin offerings, and tracked how much money people were making. I was astounded to see that multiplying your investment by 5 or 10 was not very uncommon. I began to follow crypto-related Facebook groups I heard of on Reddit. One of these groups was Jeff Lambert’s Crypto Future Wealth.

Crypto Future Wealth

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I didn’t know it yet, but CFW was going to be the key to many of my successes as an investor. I followed many of the videos posted in their FB group, and largely ignored the pitches for membership. Their videos were very informative, and I learned a lot from the content that was posted there for free, but those of you who know me know how stubborn I am, and I was determined to do things on my own. As I continued to wade into the waters of crypto investment however, I began to feel overwhelmed. I am a pretty smart guy, but the learning curve was big and mistakes weren’t just going to be learning opportunities – they were actually going to cost me money. So, after continuing to poke around the cryptosphere, and admittedly being a little finicky, I joined the group, halfway intending to cancel after the first month.

What I Got From the Academy

It began with a Skype call where I got to ask Jeff any of my crypto questions face to face. How to do X, what Y meant  – anything I could think of. After this initial call, the most useful part to me was the Discord group. This is essentially a large, categorized chat group where members of CFW discuss market conditions, new ICOs, post charts detailing the performance of certain projects, and Jeff posts his current trades and why he is making them. I learned more in a week of mirroring his trades and analyzing what worked and why than I did in months of my own study. Perhaps more relevantly, before my first month was through, I doubled my money. (It is important to note that while the information I learned was invaluable, at this point I was Johnny – I had entered in a down market, and understood it as such, so I was in the best position to make money. The same position we are all in right now, in August of 2018.)

Having Jeff and the other experts there to answer any questions I had in Discord, and having the entire academy of coursework at my disposal, I learned so much it was insane. I began to talk with my friends about what I was doing and how I was making money. “You’ve gotta show me how to do that,” you all said to me. So here I am.

Next Steps and Missteps

I followed the coursework, and followed other members trades. I made some good trades, and some bad ones. I made a lot of money on a few great ICO’s, namely Genesis Vision and Raiden Network. I also lost some money.        

As I began to make more money I became more interested. I started writing educational articles for a startup (and eventually an ICO) called Covesting, working alongside Jeff. Eventually, I began writing for CFW. In this time, I was being very analytical of the markets, and I was feeling great. Too great, in fact.

In order to honestly document my investment journey, and to avoid this article seeming like a long-winded advertisement for CFW, I need to share where I went wrong. More importantly, I hope that those of you who will soon be investors will learn from my own mistakes and not repeat them.

As I continued to do well, and continued to learn, I began to diversify my investments. What had begun as little more than a paycheck’s worth of captital had grown to well over 20x its original value, and I thought I would make sure all of my eggs weren’t in one basket. This, combined with an admittedly cocky attitude, resulted in my diversification at the peak of the market, or point B in Jack and Johnny’s chart. This meant that the cryptos I was diversifying into were being bought at their all time high prices, and when things corrected I lost half of the gains I had made by selling at the peak. A foolish, naive, and completely avoidable mistake, but a mistake nonetheless. As I learned then, a five figure mistake is often the best kind of teacher. Luckily for me, the beauty of the uptrend is that even with my mistakes, I stood at over 10x my initial investment. Today, I have accepted some difficult losses, and reconsolidated my portfolio around strong projects who are set to perform well in the coming bull market. As I began to analyze current trends, I realized now was the time to give the rest of you a heads up. I predict that in six months the market will be booming, all over the news, and you’ll all be asking about how to invest, but it will be too late by then, at least for another few months.


Luckily for new investors who don’t have the time or the will to devote to learning how to sail the seas of the crypto market, there is now an option available to you that was not available to me: the Crypto Future Wealth Platform.

My dad is a busy guy, and an investor, but as much as I tried to explain the gains that were possible, he simply couldn’t put forth the time and energy to do it on his own. He offered to give me money to invest on his behalf, but playing with a family member’s money in a volatile market, despite my successes, was not something I was willing to do.

Jeff from CFW had been doing this for a while however. For other students in the Academy who were learning, he had begun to offer managed accounts, which worked very similarly to managed stock accounts. Jeff would take their investments, carefully allocate them as he did his personal funds, and take a percentage. This offered them peace of mind and a bit more of a “hands-off” investment strategy. As the Academy grew however, along with the size and quantity of the accounts he was managing, and what began as a service offered to students and some scattered investors evolved into the Crypto Future Wealth Platform.

Today it still operates in the same way – it is a large, managed fund that invests capital on behalf of its userbase. Users can see how their funds are allocated, track the total value of the fund, and check daily on the value of their CFWP tokens. Essentially, it allows you to invest in all of crypto, through pre-vetted and constantly monitored projects headed by an industry expert. As of now, CFWP has outperformed even industry leaders like Pantera Capital – and that’s in a down market.

This Time Around

All things considered, I am looking forward to this year. It is set up nearly identically to last year, which means I can enjoy the benefit of reliving the same types of gains, with much more capital to invest, and with the extreme benefit of experience. For those of you reading, I hope it means you will seize your opportunity not to miss the boat. I hope it means you will do your own research and find the best way to invest your money, and to take the gains that are there for the taking. If your research and my testimonial leads you to Crypto Future Wealth and Jeff Lambert, to whom I owe so much, then I am happy for you. Though it is not the only way by any means, it was the best way for me, and now that I have been around a little while I can help you through the process. Text me, email me, Facebook message me, and let us help you get started. Whether you want to learn on your own, through Crypto Future Wealth, or even if you just want help investing in the CFW platform, don’t miss the boat again. Start building your yacht and sail with us.

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