What’s up everyone this is Jeff Lambert with crypto future wealth.  I’m your cryptocurrency expert, and I’m here to share all the information that I gather from going to conferences, interviewing projects and teams, and one of the things that I was lucky to do a couple of weeks ago was attend the world blockchain forum in London.

The event was put on by Keynote, and I was introduced to several teams there, one of them being that of Delta app.  Delta app is working on a brand-new cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that has some great features, and I think it is a very competitive addition to the marketplace.

They’re calling it the best Bitcoin, ICO, and cryptocurrency portfolio tracker available.  You can download it for Windows. There are also other platforms here as well.  It also works on mobile devices for iOS and Android.

The user interface is extremely easy to use, and I did see their demo live at the world blockchain forum in London and found it really nice and very easy to follow.  It gave you some great insight at first glance of how your portfolio is performing, what your best trades are, what your worst trades are, and how you can better manage your portfolio for higher gains and less risk.

Before we jump into the interview, let’s take a look at their website and some of the features available.

You can see your entire portfolio at a glance.  You can also see your coins overview and watchlist.  They already have a huge library of coins built into the app, but one of the most amazing features that I noticed with Delta app compared to some of the competition that’s out there is that they also include support for every ICO token.

You can add your custom tokens into the application which makes it great for managing your portfolio, especially ICO tokens that we buy that might not be listed on an exchange for several months if at all.

This feature allows you to add the token directly into the app without having to make a fiat transaction on your cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with a little note attached to it that that value is actually an ICO token and then having to update everything manually.  Instead, Delta will do it for you inside of the app.

They also have detailed coin analysis that will give you a little bit deeper view on how each token is performing like your best and worst trades.  Also visible is the latest charts and it’ll keep an eye out for you on its highs and lows and the total volume.

You can add transactions easily, select a token or search for whatever tokens you need to enter.  What also makes it extremely easy with Delta app compared to some of the competition out there is that you can deduct or add from your holdings.  By this, I mean that a lot of times when we’re making a transaction we’re not necessarily buying our new crypto tokens with fiat.  We’re trading one token for another token, and this causes a lot of problems for us because we often have to make two transactions inside of the cryptocurrency portfolio tracker for this exchange to take place.

Delta app takes care of this by having a feature called deduct from holdings or add from holdings.  This allows you during an exchange to say that you bought this token using this token and it’ll automatically make the adjustments in the portfolio tracker for you so that will save you a lot of time and also make you’re tracking a lot more accurate.

You can have multiple portfolios they also have a pro feature which is available that allows you more features inside of the app you can sync across multiple devices and they’re continually developing this product.

For any token projects out there any token teams that are out there they also have a delta direct which allows you to share your blog post directly inside of the app with investors who are using this application to track all of their cryptocurrencies and their portfolios, so that’s a really great way to reach investors out there.

Now with that said at the World Blockchain Forum in London I had the opportunity to meet Yan Ketelers, the head of marketing and revenue for Delta app and we sat down for a quick interview to discuss Delta and what it brings to the market, so without further ado I want to introduce you to Yan and the interview so enjoy and I hope you have had an amazing week so far.

Interview Transcript


Jeff Lambert:

alright everyone so I’m here with Yann he’s the head of marketing and revenue for Delta app young why don’t you tell my audience here about Delta app I already checked it out online and it seems like a cool alternative to crypto compare.

Yan Ketelers:

Yeah exactly, well the Delta application launched two months ago today.  We have more than one million users and 250k monthly active users.  The Delta application is a portfolio tracking application, so you track all the cryptocurrency assets that you have in one application, and we gather the data from the different exchanges that you trade on but also to different wallets that you have so that you don’t have to input it manually in the application every time.

Jeff Lambert:

Is this only a mobile app or also web-based as well?

Yan Ketelers:

It’s a mobile first application, but we have a desktop app as well. And the future we’re going to develop the desktop application in a desktop first way because we’re going to build it into a platform that is much more than just the current application.

Jeff Lambert:

Nice, how did this idea come about was it sitting in a bathtub or a shower where the delta come from?

Yan Ketelers:

The idea came from frustration that we were all trading on different exchanges, and we were all having different crypto coins, but we couldn’t track in like one clear way what Holdings that we had and if we went up or down.  We used some existing competitors, but the user interface wasn’t great.  So that’s where we focused Delta, on the UX, with a lot of customer feedback design as well.  Today we were super proud to have that application that’s backed by more than fifteen users.

Jeff Lambert:

A lot of my audience trades on a regular basis as well as investors with a long-term outlook.  What unique aspects does Delta have that will help us track our portfolios and make sure that we’re making the right trades and making the right moves how does Delta help show us the best kind of trades that we’ve been doing and also the worst ones?

Yan Ketelers:

It won’t tell you what trade to do, but it will show you the analytics of the trades that you did.  For instance, if you were into ICOs, and you did a couple of ICOs, you can track it in the application as well.  It will tell you in analytics how many good ICO stood at how many bad ICOC.

Delta will also keep track of where you are storing your coins so if you hold 40% of your coins on the exchange and not in the wallets it will also show you to be more secure.

Jeff Lambert:

Are you able to track more than one wallet for instance if you’re managing other people’s funds or if you have a savings wallet and an investment wall can you do that within the same app?

Yan Ketelers:

Exactly, it was a paid feature that we had a couple of months ago but two days free so you can handle more than one.  Most use cases that you see is that you have an ICO portfolio, a long-term portfolio a shorter-term one, your wife’s portfolio, your portfolio, and you can have it all in one application.

Jeff Lambert:

What’s the future for Delta so are there new features that you’re working on that you can talk about what kind of exciting things are to come for Delta?

Yan Ketelers:

Today we’re developing the platform, so Delta 2.0 is going to focus on tracking and analytics, but soon integrated trading as well.  In the delta application, you will be able to access to the different exchanges, so you don’t have to log in all different exchanges to do your trades, yeah but it will be possible through the Delta application itself.

Jeff Lambert:

Okay excellent, how would that work?  Is it sort of like pooled liquidity from all the different exchanges?

Yan Ketelers:

So, you access the different exchanges via the API links.  We already have those things but only to pull the data when you’ve made a trade.  In a couple of months when we roll out the 2.0 platform, we will be able to push to those exchanges.  That will allow you to do trades.  Security wise you have to provide your API keys.  Your coins are still on the exchange, and there’s not anything to worry about with Delta.  We don’t store any of your coins.  It is integrated with your wallets so you can track it in the application but you won’t store your coins there.

Jeff Lambert:

Okay, what about like portfolio sharing so let’s say I have a friend or we have a pooled portfolio like a fund or something like this are you able to share that portfolio in the app with other users around the world.

Yan Ketelers:

Yeah, you can share it by making a URL.  You can also choose if you want to share the amounts or if you only want to share the percentages ups and downs.  That’s what we see with big influencers using the Delta application.  They put it on their Twitter and then you can track and see what they have in their holdings.

Jeff Lambert:

It sounds like a great alternative to what’s out there at the moment.  How many cryptocurrencies do you support and are you looking to expand fairly rapidly or how does that process work to get a coin listed?

Yan Ketelers:

We have all the major ones, which is more than thousands of coins on the application.  We’re updating it often so when we when new coins get into the market or when a team launches a new coin then it’s a simple request to have it added; then we integrate it into the application.

Jeff Lambert:

Excellent how do people get started?  Where can they get the app I believe it’s delta.app

Yan Ketelers:

Right, the website is Delta.app, and there you can choose if you want a mobile, desktop, or both.  If you go to the App Store and just type Delta portfolio or Delta application, you will find it right away.

I hope that you enjoy trying out this app.  Please leave a comment down below with your thoughts on Delta, also hit like and share it with your friends and subscribe on YouTube.

This was Jeff Lambert, your cryptocurrency expert, and I’m here to provide you with as much information as possible so that you have a really good understanding of the industry and the new projects that are coming out I wish you a wonderful day and also a pleasant weekend have a great day thank you very much.

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