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Unlimited Course Access
We’ve spent countless hours researching, creating and tweaking our variety of courses to bring you the world’s best cryptocurrency education.  All of the knowledge you need to go from Crypto 101 to a master of Japanese candlestick trading is inside.
Trade Alerts
You’ll be the first to know what I’m buying and selling and why.  Learn how a pro analysis trades, makes them and knows when to exit.
Weekly Market Recap
Each week you’ll get the latest curated news from top and trusted sources.  Learn how this news effected the market and how to use it to your advantage.  Gain insight into possible future market moves and unique trade ideas.
Private Discord Server
You’ll get a private invite to our exclusive member’s only Discord server where you can discuss Cryptocurrencies and talk about live trades in our trading room with encrypted voice and text chat.  This is where all the action is and you’ll find members from around the world sharing their latest trades and research.  If you ever have a question, you’ll find your answer here.
Member's Only Facebook Group
Our exclusive Facebook group for members only contains a wealth of in-depth content.  You’ll find our private lives, workshop requests, active discussion and get to know others from around the world.
In-Depth Workshops
Enjoy in-depth webinar workshops where a topic is picked by the platform members and a mini class is conducted. During the workshop you will be able to ask questions and have them answered live. Recordings will be available for those of you that miss the live webinar.

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What People Are Saying

I was kind of wandering the Crypto scene by myself and got burnt for quite a bit of money.


Once I found Jeff and started to get his information and insight on how things work and how to set thing things up safely it really has been a help and eased my peace of mind to know that I’m going to be set up in the best way available.


So I really do appreciate your courses!

Tracy Counterman
Michigan, U.S.A.

 I had heard about cryptocurrencies through friends but wasn’t really sure what they were or how to get started.

I found Jeff through his Crypto Future Wealth group on Facebook and after joining his academy i couldn’t believe how much potential these things can offer!
I started with just a small amount but have quickly built a nice portfolio and always find something new in his courses to learn.
The weekly workshops are freakin’ awesome!

Kyle Winter
California, U.S.A.
Jeff has taught me a lot about being patient, which is really important, and about technical analysis within cryptocurrency. 


He’s also taught me about looking at patterns and looking at trends he’s shown me a bunch of tools that I can use to analyze cryptocurrencies and they’ve been very powerful.


Thirdly Jeff has given me very good tips on cryptocurrency so he does a lot of analysis on a lot of the coins and he always has good tips so as a result of all of these three I’m currently up about three times my initial investment.


I’ve learned a lot from Jeff and I still think there’s a lot more I can learn from him.

Kingsley Advani
London, U.K.

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Hi there 👋

You’ve probably made it this far down the page because you are considering joining but need a bit more information on exactly what you’re getting before you hit the button.  So let me give it to you straight…

It’s simply the best Cryptocurrency education that you can invest in.

As a member of the CFW Academy you have several resources available to you, and as the academy grows, so will the information inside of it.  Your success is important to me and I have put together various resources to help guide you through the world of Cryptocurrencies and connect you to the other members.

By taking part in each of these, even if you only check them once every couple of days.  You will gain loads of knowledge and enhance your portfolio.  The discord server is especially full of insightful conversations and Q&A sessions, and our weekly workshops are full of awesome content, and there are always replays.

Student Facebook Group  ($997 Value)

This secret group is the host of various live sessions and our weekly workshops.  You will also find announcements and listings of our upcoming events posted in here.

Trading Room ($9997 Value)

Our private server on Discord is where most of the action is.  This is the best place for you to ask your questions, as it benefits everyone on the server.  I recommend putting the discord app on your phone and checking the chat logs each day.  Even if you don’t have time to chat or hang out, there is a lot of valuable information that can be learned each day by just reading through the conversations.

In-Depth Workshops ($1997)

The workshops give an in-depth overview of a topic that everyone can benefit from and is relevant for the current market.  The workshops are also a chance to ask and receive detailed answers to the more complex trading topics or strategies.  There are always recordings available and I recommend watching each of the past sessions before focusing on a single course.  This will give you a great overview of the markets, how they work, and how to get started in investment or trading.

The Courses  ($2997)

The courses themselves are meant to serve as an in-depth and easy to understand guide to a specific topic.  They will bring you up to speed quickly and provide you with a basis for your knowledge, as well as act as a resource which is constantly being updated.  Each of the courses is built around what the students need and want to learn most, so if there is anything unclear or you need an explanation of a certain topic, then please use the idea wall below to submit your idea.  You can also ask questions at any time, via the discord server.

One-Hour Call  ($297)

I also provide all of my students with a personal one-hour call with me where we discuss your goals and what you would like to get out of Crypto.  I can help you design a portfolio or analyze what you already have.  The call is up to you and my ears and mind are open.

That’s a massive $16,285 value that I am giving you for less than $200 a month.

The students also constantly tell me that I’m charging way too little for the value that I deliver in this academy.

If you want in, then I recommend joining now, before the end of the month, because I plan to close the doors to new members to make sure each member gets the attention they need.

I hope you see the value in these resources and wish you massive success.  Together we are building our future wealth through Cryptocurrencies, and taking advantage of a truly rare opportunity to take back control of our own finances.

Your crypto expert,

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